Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Bumping off Burt" Receives Finishing Touches Before Release

After nearly three years in production, Q Station's debut feature length comedy Bumping off Burt is receiving a few last minute finishing touches before it's anticipated release in early 2009.

Written by acclaimed mystery novelist Malcolm McClintick, Bumping off Burt is the story of a group of friends and patrons of "Duffy's Diner" who, after months of dealing with the gross antics of Burt, decide the only way to rid themselves of this menace is murder.  When the inept hit man they hire turns up missing, the group decides to take matters into their own hands.

The film went into pre-production in the spring of 2006 and filmed over a period of twenty-one days later that summer.  Post production began on the film in late September and continued for more than a year.  On February 5th, 2007, the film held it's first test screening for more than 200 invited guests at the historic Cinema Paradiso theater in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

During it's initial screening the film tested very well, achieving 72% in the "top two boxes" with more than 91% of the respondents indicating they would "definitely recommend the film to a friend."  According to Robert Marich in his book Marketing to Moviegoers, films which score less than 55-65% are generally a cause for worry in Hollywood.  If the initial audience response and screen test are any indication, Bumping off Burt is in the clear.

As with any successful film, Bumping off Burt only exists because of the hard work and dedication of the talented cast and crew, many of whom will be able to claim the film as their first feature length project.

The ensemble cast includes Bryan Power as "Harry", a down and out attorney; Bruce Linser (Drop Dead Gorgeous) as "Paul", one of Duffy's more flamboyant patrons; Michael Kebe (Gringo Wedding) and Elisabeth Boggio as co-workers "Mike" and "Kristin"; and David William Cabrera as the unimaginably gross and disgusting "Burt".

Additional cast members include Sarah O'Kelly (The Great Train Robbery), Amber Crawford, Barbara Perez (Street Survival), Amy Nathan (My Sexiest Year), Lorenzo Toledo (Kings of South Beach), Robert Schlegel, and Mark Demeter (Foreverglades).

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